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Flight Experiences

Flight Experiences options:

Flight Experience: 15min

Live the dream of flying. Join us in a gyrocopter flight experience where you feel the lightness of the being, flying over the Salinas and Castro Marim Castle with the Pombaline city of Vila Real de Santo António and Guadiana River as a scenary.

Premium Flight Experience: 30min

Realize the dream of flying or "just" fulfill the gigantic pleasure of free flying where birds and angels stroll to join us in discovering three protected areas of the most beautiful that exist in Portugal: Reserve of Sapal de Castro Marim and VRSA ; National Matas of Montegordo and Santa Rita, and the inexplicably beautiful Ria Formosa, in its wildest part, between Cacela Velha and the fishing villages of Santa Luzia and Fuseta. Rich in natural heritage, it is an adventure in the architecture of Forts and Castles that protected the coast, or in the old anchors of the tuna old fishing frames lined in the dunes of the beach.

Adventure Flight Experience: 60min

Fly higher, fly longer. In this flight experience, it will add to the "premium flight experience" the lost villages in the Algarve Barrocal mountain, with its red mud lands and the soft and unique rocks that seem shaped by the waters that have passed there. We fly north through Guadianda. Unveil the "Water Dragon" formed by the shape of the Odeleite dam. We experienced a different Algarve. "Out of the beaten track" !!!

SkyXpeditions: several days price by quote


  • Flight Experience from - € 50.00 
  • Full Course from - € 6200.00
  • Daily - € 550.00
  • Half Day - € 300.00
  • Pilot build up hour from- € 175.00
(Indicative costs at Pista da Praia Verde)

Please ask for a specific quote, taylor made to you!

Gyrocopter Equipment

You can  rent equipment from SkyXpedition

Imagine you run a flight school  or you are a pilot on holidays.

You can just ask for a quote to use our top quality equipment. If you wish, we can set up a complete plan for your stay, flying and turistic programe.

  • Gyrocopter
  • Comunication equipment
  • Helmets
  • SUV or 4X4 veicules
  • Trailers- closed and flat.

  Off-road  Events

You can  discovery the interior of Algarve Barrocal, between the Guadiana river, the Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Off Road Nature Observation Experience:  45€/per person. Around 3 hours.

Off Road basic training: 150€/per person

Learn how to take advantage of a modern SUV or a true Off Road vehicule on the magnificent landscape of Sotavento.


  • Comunication equipment
  • Coffee moment
  • SUV or 4X4 veicules
  • Activity insurance